An agile approach to shopping in a pandemic

We are now operating in unknown times, people are behaving in a more and more un-human way which is most apparent with people flocking to the stores to panic buy and stockpile their food and essentials.

What does this mean for my story? Well, I’ll set the scene…

My wife and I were talking about what I should get from the store like we frequently do and we realised that we had no idea of these items were going to be available.

So I posed the question, what do we know right now?

Well, we know the outcomes that we wanted so we listed those instead.

  • 4 days worth of work lunches
  • Some fruit for the girls
  • roast dinner for 4 people

OK…we can work with this. Off I went to the store to see what I could pull together.

When I got there I saw a scene of a disaster. There were shopping baskets strewn everywhere, people pushing each other out of the way just to get normal everyday items.

I found that most of the items on our original list were not there, so I had to adapt. I quickly made some choices about items we COULD use based on what was actually there.

What did I end up with?

  • 4 great lunches that I would not normally of chosen.
  • A range of fruit for the girls, including some that they hadn’t tried before.
  • And not forgetting an amazing roast dinner that everyone cleared from their plates

It just goes to show you that setting out trying to figure out everything upfront doesn’t always get you the best results if you get a result at all.

If you try to eliminate all risks, you are essentially eliminating all opportunity.




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